Ing-Marie Leemann is one of those painters that do not really like to analyse their paintings with words.

Her early work shows that she is an excellent draughtswoman and can draw objects with photographic realism if required, but in her formative years as a student of fashion design she already tended towards more emotional explorations of color, material and form.

Her paintings range freely between figurative and abstract styles – often mixing elements of both. Shapes, patterns, movement, colors, emotions and reactions to scenes and events all provide inspiration.

Mixing and modifying color is her passion. When painting, she is intensly involved with the materials, textures and rhythms. She sees no reason to limit herself to a single technique, and moves from impressionist brushwork, through scratching and scraping to flat poster color with carefree playfulness.

Open to interpretation

If most of Ing-Marie's pantings are named 'Untitled', this is because she does not want her own ideas and emotions to direct, or even suggest, a response. She would rather allow the viewer to develop a personal response to the images.

This can be frustrating for viewers that like a certain amount of background and insight into an artist's intentions, but for Ing-Marie herself, these things are not as important as the picture itself.

Sale of work

If you like a painting and wish to enquire about the price, please use the contact page. Ing-Marie will be pleased to hear from you.